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Crustless Smoked Turkey and Spinach Quiche

Quiche is a versatile dish that can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This recipe has all the delectable elements of regular quiche with one twist—it doesn’t have the added bulk and calories of crust.

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Crater Lake National Park

It just doesn’t get much cooler than the Pacific Northwest. But before it gets too cold, like ice cold, it’s time to take a trip to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon.

Benches and Boxes

On the Riverwalk near the Chickamauga Dam, there are two blue benches nestled just between the railroad bridge and the restrooms.

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Fall Flies

As the warmth of the summer begins to cool into fall, fishing patterns begin to change for all species.

Just Around the Riverbend

Imagine you are paddling the Tennessee River on a relaxing Sunday afternoon...

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Sneek Peak

National showcase offers glimpse into the future of gear

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Sticker Shock

What your bumper stickers say about you

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Iron Finish

A Get Out Iron Will Update

Grueling Ground

Chattanooga offers more than easy and moderate trails for hardcore hikers; you just have to know where to look.

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Lynskey Legacy

“It’s what we do. We make things.” So muses Mark Lynskey, managing member of Lynskey Performance Designs and eldest of his five siblings.

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Lance Marshall: Cool Kid

While other kids might wade in the shallow end of the pool, 11-year-old competitive swimmer Lance Marshall spends his summers making waves and gaining speed to boost his athletic edge.

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The Great Chaco Debate

There’s a big difference between wearing this Z-strapped sandal down the aisle and sporting it on a multi-mile hike—a difference that has the hiking community split.

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Iron Impact

Tim Morgan said it all started with an email.

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High-tech Birding

Gadgets that up the Birding Ante

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Fish like a Pro

Knoxville professional fisherman Ott DeFoe knows a thing or two about fishing.

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Outdoor Itch

Chattanooga is filled with breathtaking nature from picturesque mountains to countless wildflowers—perfect to enjoy on a summer day. Unfortunately, the city’s scenic locales are also filled with some other things that are not as pleasant: poison ivy, oak and sumac.

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Activation and Prevention

Your bicep, calf or even a few fingers feel tight during a climb. So what do you do?

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Wild Wellness

Dr. Colleen Smith runs a chic holistic veterinary practice on Main Street, has a black belt in Taekwondo and doubles as a stand-up paddle board instructor on the weekends.

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Food for thought

One of my more memorable hangouts with my friend Ann was a trip to the Main Street Farmers Market just down the road from my house

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Beyond the Blue

Beginning August 16, Randy Whorton will start a 289-mile paddling journey in Cumberland Gap, Kentucky, on the northeastern border of Tennessee. From there, he’ll navigate the twisting Powel River, through various connecting lakes and creeks, all on a stand-up paddle board.


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