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Hitting the bricks and working out around town gives Chattanooga accountant Liana Bean a much-needed break from studying for the CPA exam. The Indiana native was used to the flatlands of her hometown and now has a great appreciation for the beauty that makes this the Scenic City — and any way she can get outside to enjoy it.


Liana Bean

Q & A

How long have you been working out and what first got you into it?

I’ve been working out as long as I can remember. I remember being really little and watching my mom do the old school step aerobics tapes. She set a good example for us, so I grew up knowing how important exercise was. I was probably 12 or 13 when I started going to a gym.

With all the gyms and various exercise programs in town, what leads you to exercise outside in the park?

Being outdoors relaxes me. Life can get really hectic, and most days I find myself jumping from one thing to another throughout the day. Working out can feel like just another thing on my to-do list, but when I get outside it always puts me in a better mood. I can usually talk myself into a workout, even on a crazy day, if I know it involves being outside.

You seem to have crafted your own workout regimen in your own setting. What are some of your regular reps and how have you created your personal process?

I’ve found the best way to create a workout regimen is to combine ideas you get from various people. I usually work out with one of my friends and we’ll teach each other different moves we’ve picked up from other people, magazines, etc. Two, three or four minds are always better than one. As far as reps go, it’s something you constantly have to be re-evaluating as our bodies grow stronger and also get used to doing the same thing every week. I usually try to focus more on whether or not I feel like I’m pushing and challenging myself.

How many steps are there at Renaissance Park and how many would you estimate you have run since you began exercising there?

51, and I only know that because my workout partner tells me every time we do them. We do hundreds each time we go, and we usually go 3 times a week, so… in summary, too many.


Liana Bean

How did you perform in your first sprint triathlon and do you plan to participate in others? Are you planning to keep training up toward full triathlons?

I placed first in my age group, which isn’t saying much; there were only 3 in my age group and 75 or so total that competed. I have a crowd phobia, so I picked a small triathlon in North Georgia to start with. I was happy with my performance though, and it definitely gave me the confidence to do another one. I’ve been really busy this past year studying for the CPA exam, but I like to always have something I’m working toward, so I know when I finish the exam that I will be looking for sprint triathlons to do next summer. I don’t know if I’ll ever do an Ironman, but I definitely want to do more small triathlons, and maybe a half marathon.

Have you entered other running events? What inspired you to get into triathlons?

I love to make working out a social thing, and that is what has gotten me into most of the various exercise-related things I’ve done. One of my friends was training for an Ironman last year and she talked me into being one of her biking partners throughout the summer. That quickly turned into me wanting to give the triathlon thing a try.

Is cycling something you only do for recreation or do you plan to pursue it more competitively in the future as well?

Definitely just for recreation right now. I think the only person I am competitive with is myself — trying to make sure I’m always pushing myself and not being scared to try longer rides. But who knows, I do love a challenge.

What are some of your other outdoor interests or things you want to try?

I really want to try stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking. Basically, I’m dying to get out on the water.

Where is the one place you would most like to visit and why?

I don’t know how I could possibly pick one place. I definitely have the travel bug in me. I’ve always wanted to visit Spain and Greece.


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