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Climbing High

Although juggling family and a busy career can be tough, Chattanooga attorney Jay Perry manages to balance them both while still reserving ample time for his climbing adventures.

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Diving In

Miller is a scuba diver at the Tennessee Aquarium, where he cleans and feeds our underwater friends and helps out with educational programs.

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2014 Iron Man Chattanooga Event Guide

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Wild Wellness

Dr. Colleen Smith runs a chic holistic veterinary practice on Main Street, has a black belt in Taekwondo and doubles as a stand-up paddle board instructor on the weekends.

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On the Fly

As a financial advisor by day, Chattanooga resident Anthony Bussey is a dedicated businessman. But in his free time, he’s an avid fly fisher, and this month he’s taking out time for a full-on fly fishing adventure in Montana.

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Perseverance through Pain

Not many people have run a 50-mile ultra marathon and lived to tell the tale.

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Freestyle Fun

Many Chattanooga area residents enjoy being on the water, but only a select few love it enough to hold their own wedding ceremony in the middle of a kayaking trip down a river. Freestyle kayaker and Ace Kayaking School guide Kat Levitt is one of them.

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Trading Spaces

Brooklyn Hughes is living the best of both worlds.

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Trail Beast

Local trail runner extraordinaire Tom Sell has some very big shoes to fill later this month.

Police Cruiser

Cycling our city streets can sometimes be dangerous enough; imagine trying to enforce the law while on your bike. Chattanooga Police Department Bike Patrol Officer Keith Jennings does that every day, then he hits the area’s trails on his mountain bike during his free time.

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Outdoor Focus

Kevin Livingood has turned his passion for photography and the outdoors into a thriving endeavor that makes every moment behind the lens a new adventure.

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Fit Advice

She may have time off over the summer while her students enjoy their break, but that doesn’t mean Noel Reagan won’t be working hard.

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Creative Approach

Chattanooga native Sam Silvey may spend more time seated at his desk than on his bike these days, but he hasn’t let the office take over all his interests.

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Best Medicine

As the 2012 Chattanooga Track Club Female Runner of the Year, Dianna Leun makes a great ambassador for the club and the sport in general.

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Dark Secrets

Kelly Smallwood often goes where few have gone before — identifying, mapping and photographing an underground world that sometimes has never before been viewed by humans.


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