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Tennessee Bird Challenge

In 2015, why not try to find all the birds in the state of Tennessee?

Seven Islands State Park

Seven Islands State Birding Park, a former farmland and wildlife refuge located on the French Broad River, is worth the day trip for a great birding adventure.

Bird's the word

Amp up your birdwatching skills by learning the sounds of common birds found in this part of Tennessee.

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Northeast Alabama Birding Trails

Alabama day trip options for spotting migrating birds.

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Benches and Boxes

On the Riverwalk near the Chickamauga Dam, there are two blue benches nestled just between the railroad bridge and the restrooms.

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High-tech Birding

Gadgets that up the Birding Ante

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Avian Adventures

Birders aren’t just hobbyists with binoculars. Some are research-minded, passionate about our avian friends and constantly on the lookout—even using their cell phone for selfies with birds.

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Indigo Beauty

Something like a sapphire flits past your binoculars. You hear the chirp of a canary, or so you think.

Audubon Birdathon

Take a walk through the beautiful forests of Audubon Acres for free this month

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A Bird’s Eye View With Kevin Calhoon

Kevin Calhoon is in charge of every animal that isn’t fish at the aquarium—birds, penguins, otters, butterflies, reptiles, you name it.

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Spring Birdhouse Checklist

With bluebirds starting to scout for places to nest this month and several nesting birds soon to follow, it’s time to get out and get your birdhouses ready for occupancy with these helpful reminders

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Ruffled Feathers

If you saw some birds a little worse for wear this fall, don’t worry; it’s not likely they were ill.

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Seasonal Support

When you’re snuggled up with hot cocoa and a blanket this winter, don’t forget about your backyard birds.

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Hunting Season Starts for Sandhills

Thousands of people flock to our area annually to celebrate the Sandhill Crane Festival held in Birchwood each January, but beginning this month the arrival of the large cranes is much different.

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Night Flight

If you’re living in a house with a chimney, you’re already familiar with the chimney swift (Chaetura pelagica), a cigar-shaped bird that inhabits your chimney with several companions each year.


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