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The American Crow

Chances are you have seen a murder. That is, a murder of crows.

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Be a Better Birder

Follow these 5 tips to send your bird identification game soaring.

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C. E. Blevins exhibit to open at Audubon Acres

A minister, folk artist and teacher, the late C. E. Blevins dedicated his last years to re-creating the eggs of bird species from all over the world.

Closest place to go birding

As we itch to spend more time outdoors this month, some of us will load up the car for a weekend adventure. But if you’re looking to take it slow, don’t plan for a road trip—instead, pack a picnic and some binoculars and enjoy the incredible birding opportunities the area has to offer. You don’t need to travel far to catch a peek at our feathered friends, as Chattanooga has several areas where birders flock for springtime watching.

Saving the Cerulean Warbler

Deep inside the Tennessee River Gorge, a team of scientists and explorers continue their two-year hunt for a bird on the brink of extinction.

The Cerulean Warbler is the fastest disappearing Neotropical songbird in the country, and last year, the Tennessee River Gorge Trust constructed a hut in the middle of the Gorge with a planned two-year expedition dedicated to searching and tracking the elusive bird. Although they have only hit the halfway mark for their mission, progress has been made.

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Birds & Barbed Wire

Bird watchers have a peculiar nickname for the Loggerhead Shrike: “Butcher Bird.”

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DIY Guide: How to Build a Birdfeeder

Here’s a simple bird feeder and planter that will blend into your yard and keep your bird visitors happy for months to come.

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Tennessee Bird Challenge

In 2015, why not try to find all the birds in the state of Tennessee?

Seven Islands State Park

Seven Islands State Birding Park, a former farmland and wildlife refuge located on the French Broad River, is worth the day trip for a great birding adventure.

Bird's the word

Amp up your birdwatching skills by learning the sounds of common birds found in this part of Tennessee.

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Northeast Alabama Birding Trails

Alabama day trip options for spotting migrating birds.

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Benches and Boxes

On the Riverwalk near the Chickamauga Dam, there are two blue benches nestled just between the railroad bridge and the restrooms.

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High-tech Birding

Gadgets that up the Birding Ante

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Avian Adventures

Birders aren’t just hobbyists with binoculars. Some are research-minded, passionate about our avian friends and constantly on the lookout—even using their cell phone for selfies with birds.

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Indigo Beauty

Something like a sapphire flits past your binoculars. You hear the chirp of a canary, or so you think.


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