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Big Game Hunting

Unplug and interact with your fellow campers through some of these great campsite games.

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Camp. Here. Now.

Here are five places you need to camp this season.

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1,200-mile camping trip

The Tennessee Walking Men discuss “improv” camping

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Year of the Parks

In China, 2014 will be the year of the horse. In Alabama, however, the year will be the Year of Alabama Parks.

Winter Warmth

The differences in temperature comfort levels when we sleep go all the way to the chemical level.

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New Look at Lake Lanier

It’s taken nearly 20 years, but campers in North Georgia can finally enjoy new campsites and cabins on the shores of Lake Lanier.

Campsite Considerations

Picking the right campsite isn’t easy.

Confederate-style Camping

Ok, so going out to Savage Gulf with your buddies or taking your family to Chilhowee is nothing like a group of 70,000 men crisscrossing Virginia and Tennessee trying to shoot at another group of 70,000 men.

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Cool Spots

The days are still scorching, but you don’t have to hide inside.

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Warm-Weather Essentials

These hot finds will keep you cool for your next summer camping experience—without breaking the bank.

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Long distance camping

(and how to avoid the runaround)

Cheap flights from area airports can offer gateways to all new types of camping this summer. Here are a few of our favorites.

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Holiday Weekend Getaway

(with everybody else)

Memorial Day is a perfect time for a camping trip.

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Go Yurt

Three thousand years ago, the Mongols and Turks weren’t trying to start a trend; they were just trying to stay warm.

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5 Great Places You Have to Camp This Spring

As you plan your spring camping adventures, here are some places that every Chattanooga-area camper has to visit.

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Giving gear another go-round

Late winter is the perfect time to make sure your camping gear is ready for the upcoming season.


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