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Get the Guide

Rockery Press is debuting its second guide book in a series of local guidebooks.

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A Weekend With Will Gadd

Countless climbers have come from near and far to make their homes in Chattanooga’s sandstone crags.

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Get High

Why do you love to climb?

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Outdoor Itch

Chattanooga is filled with breathtaking nature from picturesque mountains to countless wildflowers—perfect to enjoy on a summer day. Unfortunately, the city’s scenic locales are also filled with some other things that are not as pleasant: poison ivy, oak and sumac.

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Activation and Prevention

Your bicep, calf or even a few fingers feel tight during a climb. So what do you do?

Cool Climbers

Yes, we know it's hot outside, but there are ways to beat the heat and still enjoy Chattanooga’s prime climbing.

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A Royal Climb

Castle Rock, just 3 miles outside of Jasper, Tennessee, is named for its majestic turret-like structure.

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Table Manners

and conquered the boulders of Stone Fort. Perhaps you’ve even traveled out to Colorado or to a hidden cave deep in the heart of South America to test your climbing limits. But have you mastered a table?

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Try this Route: The Jackal

The Jackal is off the beaten path and thus hasn’t been heavily trafficked in the past couple of decades.

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Manic Mondays

“Hey, it’s Monday and the weather looks good. Where are we climbing?”

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Fun and Games

There’s nothing like a little competition to motivate an athlete, and the sport of rock climbing is no exception.

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It happens every year at various levels, even here in the Southeast. Creaking, expanding, sparkling in the sunlight—the ice comes.

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Picture perfect climbing

Chattanooga’s rock climbers regularly witness some of the most breathtaking vistas while scaling the region’s countless climbing routes.

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Climbing App-titude

A climber’s smartphone can be used for more than snapping a scenic picture from the top of the Tennessee Wall.

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Sandstone Paradise

Sandstone is the secret ingredient that allows local rock climbers to scale great heights surrounding the Scenic City.


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