Scenic Streets coming 
to the North Shore

For a few hours on April 19, Frazier Avenue will be opened up to cyclists and pedestrians

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Adaptive Bikes

The folks at Scott’s Bicycle Centre in Cleveland have added a new item to their inventory—the TerraTrike.

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Long to lead state mountain bike-racing efforts

The Chattanooga Chapter of the Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association has grown the sport of mountain biking locally in recent years.

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Fat Bike Frenzy

Fat bikes are mountain bikes with enormous tires that can be ridden at extremely low tire pressure for better handling in sloppy conditions.

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Winter Riding

As cold weather begins to ramp up in the Chattanooga area, rain and sometimes icy weather can make mountain biking a bit trickier than in the spring and summer.

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Viva Italia

A taste of Italian cycling will come to the roads of northern Georgia on October 19.

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Citywide Cycling

When you think about touring the intown Atlanta neighborhoods, riding a bicycle isn't the first thing that comes to mind.

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Comet Connection

The Silver Comet Trail in North Georgia has in many ways become the gold standard for turning abandoned rail lines into a viable pedestrian and biking lane

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Bike Fight

While it may not be as exciting as a rumble between rival motorcycle gangs, bicyclists in Chattanooga and Knoxville are squaring off this summer to see which community has the best cyclists—or at least the most active cyclists.

Bama Trails

With so many mountain biking trails so close to downtown Chattanooga, it is sometimes easy to overlook some equally special trail systems just a few miles further down the road.

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3S3M New Challenges

Bad weather last year and a cold early part of this year threw a bit of a wet blanket on early registration for the 3-State, 3-Mountain Challenge century ride, but ride director Dawn Salyer says that things are starting to pick up in advance of the 27th running of the event on May 3.

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Reinventing the Wheel

Bicycle commuting is a growing trend in bigger cities across the country, and Chattanooga has seen its own growth among folks who live closer to the city center.

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Specialized Giving

Cycle Sports Concepts bike shop on Main Street in Chattanooga recently helped make biking possible for young riders who might not have had a chance to ride otherwise.

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Breaking the Ice

While winters in Chattanooga can be chilly and sometimes even downright cold, it’s still a relatively simple area for those who want to stay on the bicycle year round.

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Fixie Fanatics

Jeff Rhoda has an obsession, and he wants to share it.


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