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Lake Legend

Sammy Lee spent most of his life hauling in big bass for fun and profit.

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Reel Competition

The competitive side of fishing continues to grow in Chattanooga

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CBA Classic

Another successful season is winding down for the Chattanooga Bass Association’s annual tournament trail.

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Fall Flies

As the warmth of the summer begins to cool into fall, fishing patterns begin to change for all species.

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Fish like a Pro

Knoxville professional fisherman Ott DeFoe knows a thing or two about fishing.

Night fishing for bass

Fishing at night is more commonly associated with catfish, but with the right strategies and bait, even bass anglers can find success after the sun goes down

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Bass Mastery

For the second consecutive year, Chickamauga Lake has been named one of the top 10 bass fishing lakes in the United States.

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Bass Yakkers Band Together

In 2012, Stansifer and three friends decided to try kayak fishing—a decision that led to the formation of the Chattanooga Bass Yakkers fishing club and tournament trail.

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Dog Fishing

Dogs may be man’s best friend, but crappie fishing could prove to be one of dog’s best friends.

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Classic Competition

A full season of competitive fishing awaits both professional and amateur anglers throughout the Chattanooga area this year.

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Trophy Catch

As an incentive for anglers, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has the Tennessee Angler Recognition Program to recognize trophy catches made throughout the year.

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On-the-Go Wildlife Guide

The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency has made it even easier to access information on hunting and fishing in the state and keep your fishing license up to date.

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Bass Catchall

These are heady days for fishing in the Chattanooga area, especially Chickamauga Lake, and 2014 promises to be even better.

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Big Issues for Small Waters

With the major rivers that flow through the area and the extensive TVA reservoir system, it can be easy to overlook the role that small ponds play in fishing throughout the Chattanooga area.

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Catching Crappie

This summer may not have brought the normal heat that often forces fish to deeper waters. But cooler October temperatures will still bode better for anglers casting for crappie on Chickamauga and Nickajack this fall.


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