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Cool Gear for Cool Weather

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for hiking — if you have the right gear.

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Trail Profile: Piney River Section of the Cumberland Trail

The Cumberland Trail is Tennessee’s second-largest state park.

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Beat the Stink: The care and cleaning of sandals

Sandals are the perfect summer footwear.

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Take A Hike...

At Virgin Falls Pocket Wilderness

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Trail Test

Stuart Hickey took a few minutes with us to talk thru-hiking, the GET and the Scenic City.

Cold Weather Layering Guide

Any outdoor enthusiast worth their salt—and especially one familiar with variable Southern weather—knows the importance of layering.

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Pocket Protector

Many hikers spend years perfecting the contents of their daypack.

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Autumn Hues

Fall is finally here! And there’s no better way to experience the changing of the season than by getting out on the trails.

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Grueling Ground

Chattanooga offers more than easy and moderate trails for hardcore hikers; you just have to know where to look.

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The Great Chaco Debate

There’s a big difference between wearing this Z-strapped sandal down the aisle and sporting it on a multi-mile hike—a difference that has the hiking community split.

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Go Hiking with History

From tear-stained paths of the Cherokee Removal or bloodied battlefields from the Civil War, our area is full of historic sites to visit.

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Take a Hike to Sitton’s Gulch

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Tend to the Trails

From Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz to The Hobbit’s Bilbo Baggins, every adventurer needs a path to follow.

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Bear Necessities

We all loved snuggling with our teddy bears as kids, but the last thing you want while you’re out on the trail is a great big bear hug.

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Hike All 14 in 2014 Challenge

The Friends of South Cumberland kicked off its Hike All 14 in 2014 challenge last month in which hikers are charged to hit the trails that cover the South Cumberland State Park.


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