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Plant Local

We all know the importance of eating and shopping local, but what about planting local?

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The Perfect Shot

Living in Chattanooga has its artistic advantages.

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Backpacking Snacks

Man cannot live on Clif bars alone

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Tree Planting Test

When we think of Guinness World Records, we don’t think of tree planting.

Wildlife Emergency

Most people will at some point encounter an injured or orphaned animal, but not many know the correct response should they encounter an animal in distress.

Wilderness Retreat

A secluded cabin. Waking up to the call of birdsong. Over 300 acres of wilderness at your doorstep.

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Fighting with Fire

“Only you can prevent forest fires.” You probably remember this classic PSA from U.S. Forest Service’s cartoon spokesman, Smokey Bear, which reminded us to never play with matches and always extinguish our campfires.

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Just Around the Riverbend

Imagine you are paddling the Tennessee River on a relaxing Sunday afternoon...

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Avoiding Mosquito Bites

One of the least exciting things about summertime in the great outdoors is the buzzing and biting creatures that love to stick to your skin like glue as soon as you step foot outside. You guessed it—mosquitoes.

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An Urban Wilderness

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Slithery Summer

Snakes are very active right now due to the rise in temperature

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Plan Before You Plant

Gardening tips for beginners

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Spring Has Sprung

Get Out with these nature-centered events

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Page-turning Adventures

It’s still pretty chilly outside, so if you’re avoiding the cold, get your outdoor fix in another way: reading.

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Going Native

Traditionally, tens of millions of monarch butterflies have migrated to Mexico and other wintering sites to roost in the forest during the winter months.


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