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A Keller Year

After dominating the whitewater circuit in 2014, Pat Keller is coming to Chattanooga.

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New Traditions

Group teaches traditional Inuit paddling skills

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Middle Tennessee's Harpeth River

The Harpeth River in Middle Tennessee is known for Indian burial mounds, a 100-yard long, first of its kind tunnel dug by slaves and the distinction of being one of the most crooked rivers in the state.

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Chasing Chattajack

Canadian Olympian says Chattajack has become a ‘bucket list race’.

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Coosawattee Cruisin’

NERA trip highlights scenic 70-mile North Georgia corridor

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SUP Rules

Alabama authorities remind SUPers they are boaters, too.

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Knowing your roll

Get Out chats with roll guru Zach Bopp

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Going the Distance?

Alabama Scenic River Trail adds mileage (and whitewater)

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Tri on your boat

Triathlons opening shores for boaters

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Kayaking with a camera

Cameras and water don’t mix, but some photographers are willing to take the risk.

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Safety Man

If you want to learn about safety, Mike Shillinger is the type of person you’d like to teach you.

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Gulf to Gulf

There’s a very small number of people who can count the Appalachian Trail as their second longest adventure. Rhea County’s Brad Tallent is one of those rare people.

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Water trails offer miles of paddling

What’s the best part about days when it’s too cold to go out and paddle? It gives you a chance to plan out your warmer weather trips.

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Pooled Resources

Sometimes, when the wind is blowing, the temperature is dropping and the sun is disappearing before you get off work, taking your boat to the creek just isn’t as appealing as it is in the summer.

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Chilly Chili Run

The chili is always hot. The water is always cold. The paddlers are sometimes hungover, depending on how hard they partied on New Year’s Eve.


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