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Safety Man

If you want to learn about safety, Mike Shillinger is the type of person you’d like to teach you.

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Gulf to Gulf

There’s a very small number of people who can count the Appalachian Trail as their second longest adventure. Rhea County’s Brad Tallent is one of those rare people.

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Water trails offer miles of paddling

What’s the best part about days when it’s too cold to go out and paddle? It gives you a chance to plan out your warmer weather trips.

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Pooled Resources

Sometimes, when the wind is blowing, the temperature is dropping and the sun is disappearing before you get off work, taking your boat to the creek just isn’t as appealing as it is in the summer.

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Chilly Chili Run

The chili is always hot. The water is always cold. The paddlers are sometimes hungover, depending on how hard they partied on New Year’s Eve.

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Rack ‘em up

Your boat —as well as your fellow drivers—will appreciate everything staying where it is supposed to be.

Leaf peeping paddles

The best fall color scenes usually include a peaceful lake in the foreground.

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’Sup with those Boards?

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To the Bat Cave

It’s been a pirate hideaway, a saltpeter mine, a strategic Civil War resource and the site of Johnny Cash’s intended suicide, but what is perhaps Nickajack Cave’s most important role—as home to a dwindling population of gray bats—is still being played out.

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Dry Run

The best products on the market for keeping your gear — and yourself — dry.

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Canoeing the 'Hooch

In March, Georgia natives David and Michael Hanson set off on a documentary and paddling expedition to discover the Chattahoochee River.

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Whatever Floats

Green|spaces and Outdoor Adventure Rafting are partnering to create the Floatila, a community float down the Tennessee River

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Canvas Craving

When Mike Hills talks about his wood and canvas canoes, he sounds like a pitchman in an Audi commercial.

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'Can, too' Canoe

For at least one week this month, the open-boaters will be kings of the rapids.

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Bama Boatin'

When southeastern paddlers think of whitewater races, The Mulberry Fork and Locust Fork in north central Alabama don’t usually come to mind.


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