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Mullens Cove Loop draws StumpJump’ers (and regular runners, too)

Mullens Cove Loop Trail is great for a challenging but shorter distance run you can burn on a weekend.

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Sleeved for Speed

There are benefits to wearing compression sleeves.

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Water with a twist

When it comes to hydration, water can’t be beat.

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Running Posture Do’s and Don’ts

It may go without saying, but how you hold your posture as you run can seriously impact your stride.

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If the shoe fits

It’s finally springtime and many of us are trading out our old run-down shoes to start the season of training.

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My Favorite Run: Possum Creek

For avid trail runners like Dreama Campbell, part of the fun is trying out area trails for their long runs. For her, the Possum Creek Segment of the Cumberland Trail is her favorite place to let go and run.

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Habits to break in the New Year

Take the time to recognize some of your bad running habits and resolve to break them for a better run in 2015.

Raccoon Mountain Marathon, Half Marathon and Relay

One of Run Chattanooga’s favorite places to run is on the trails of Raccoon Mountain. So why wouldn’t the group’s first official race event be there?

One Good Run:

Lula Lake Land Trust

Now that fall is in full swing, it’s time to trade our road routes for the scenic trails around the city.

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Trail Tips

Autumn: it’s a ripe time for exploring trails, but no one wants to stay in the woods overnight without a plan.

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Smart Snacking

We are what we eat.

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Running Partner

Let’s face it—running alone can get boring. Shake up your routine with Run Chattanooga, a free fitness movement that meets to get your blood pumping and to create lasting friendships. 

Behind the Ache

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Starting Block

It’s finally time to step out of the gym and hit the pavement, and there’s no better way to do that than with a race.

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What's with those fat soles?

Have you seen the Hoka One One running shoes?


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